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  • "PEO-crm gives our brokerage complete control over our entire network of PEO's, brokers, insurance agents and other partners. The entire process of selling, quoting, fulfilment, paying commissions while building our business has been simplified. Its got everything you need to work in the PEO equation at a very low cost" 

    Large National PEO Brokerage

  • "Underwriting has never been easier. All of the documents and information we need are attached right to the record. Makes our job faster and easier than ever before. We feedback to our partners instantly and can track everything that has taken place right on the system."

    Ida Coleman
    Lion Insurance Company

  • For the first time, I was able to email myself and a prospect all of the employer and employee paperwork! WOW!!! It was ridiculously easy and saved me hours of time. Yahoo!

    Thank you for all that you do! I appreciate it more everyday!

    Laura A. McGuinness-Rutledge
    Connecting Solutions, Inc.

  • "PEO-crm has opened markets for my agency to retain and grow a segment of my business that was slipping through the cracks. The support staff is both knowledgeable and efficient. A painless way to grow my business"

    JG Independent Agent

  • "Gives me the opportunity to view, track and conduct business anytime and anywhere I please.  All of my business files are a click away and any communication between Peo's and brokers is forever documented and accessible any time. No more business is lost due to lost data or forgotten conversations.  The events tab enables me to be reminded of all necessary future actions for each client by alerting me when a phone/physical appointment is due."

    Heidi Merchant, Independent Agent, PEO Broker

  • "Communicate, fulfill and pay all of your partners in one place. How easy can it be? Easy! Pre-filled RFP's, contracts and applications it's done! I close clients like never before."

    Mathew Morrison, Agent / PEO Broker