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The more efficient you become the more money you save. With PEO-crm nearly EVERY time consuming function you perform to bring new business to your PEO is reduced 50% to 95%!

From RFP's, Affidavits, Contracts, Employee Applications to paying out commissions, PEO-crm takes your entire networks' productivity level to a new high!

Where is the Return On Investment?

Needs analysis and site preparations

  • no No Running cable.
  • no No Servers.
  • no No Firewall.
  • no No Monitoring.
  • no No Back up.
  • no No IT personnel.
  • no No Development costs.
  • no No Software purchases and license support.
  • no No Implementation and deployment costs.
  • no No Ongoing operational support.
  • no No Strategic development costs.
  • no No Training cost.(Standard training online)

Software Purchases

  • no No per seat cost.
  • no No license fee (which is the biggest part of most systems).
  • no No forced upgrades (like Microsoft Windows®, Microsoft Office®, Microsoft Word®, etc).
  • no No redeployment/reinstalls.
  • no No paying extra for "external work”.
  • no Access 24/7/365 anywhere you have an internet connection.

Deployment cost

  • no No need for new hardware, login on any most computers newer than 1998.
  • System is improved by the entire network. Bug testing and development models are improved by the entire population of users and staff. At any given time everyone is working to make your job easier by figuring out solutions that work.
  • Not trying to squeeze your business model into our software or trying to get our software to work with your business model.
  • Not paying for all development, maybe someone else wants the same changes you do. Cost of buying onsite enterprise is extremely high but cost of customization and implementation is three to five times the cost of the licence fee. With the PEO-crm approach, you won’t spend anything like that.
  • Not tied to a particular OS or server based system.
  • Not syncing version to version of software across computers.
  • no No special hardware or servers at your multiple locations.

Hidden Savings

  • Things that most people spend money on, reporting, usability, etc, we already have.
  • Not losing market advantage by waiting while it's developed.
  • Greater client satisfaction and loyalty because of new services and better, faster customer care.


  • CRM performance can account for 25 to 60 percent of variance in your companies’ return on sales.
  • Reduce duplication of effort up to 95% at sales, fulfillment, and management levels.
  • Forecasting helps your organization give visibility to performance.
  • Instant usability! Built by and for PEO industry users.
  • CRM intelligence can make your communications highly effective. Save on campaign execution costs, get higher response rates and better return on customer relationships (ROR) – an important value perspective.
  • The ability to access information in one unified system delivers immediate time savings and better visibility across your entire operation.
  • Instant delivery of pre-filled, RFPs, contracts, applications, other forms to your team on-demand.
  • PEO-crm gives organizations a no-cost entry point to prove a CRM investment.
  • PEO-crm will complement existing enterprise solutions, managing your entire network with the cost associated with most enterprise solutions. Rather than spend a million dollars and countless months for a system that may never deliver, start next week with a proven system with no capital outlay!
  • Your company will be doing more! You are instantly rewarded with results on the right technology platform.
  • Executives who want IT, sales, fulfillment, underwriting and management of their channel will maximize their success using the results from CRM. You can monitor results and plan strategy around a single interface for all of your internal and external team.
  • Focus, execute and manage. Have more accountability so you get more value out of PEO-crm.
  • Create ROI from PEO-crm's audit trail of data manipulation and resulting success.
  • Sarbanes-Oxley compliance has moved CRM from the background to a necessity for many businesses. PEO-crm enables and supports a broader growth strategy for your company. PEO-crm can be a sales and marketing cycle resource as well as a fulfillment and compliance tool.
  • Throw out the typical evaluation of capital expenditures, such as hardware, software, support and all the other headaches that come with implementation and post-deployment costs. Implementing PEO-crm gets you where you want to be today.
  • PEO-crm - Customer Relationship Management delivers a huge return on investment through increased sales, customer satisfaction and efficiency of process.

If you ask yourself: "How will the PEO business be conducted five years from now?" The answer would be PEO-crm."